Special Publications


Over the years, we have retained our signature publication, The Magdalenian, as the yearbook that helps to bring the alumni and other stakeholders together through the documenting of events. Additionally, we have had several special publications to commemorate significant events in the history of Singapore, such as the Bicentennial, and the milestones in the history of the school, such as the 135th and later 140th Anniversary celebrations. Among some of the more recent publications, we have Metaphorically, Spirited Endeavours, Carita, Amore Senza Fine. The archives of all our earlier issues of The Magdalenian ( from 1958 to 2013) are now digitised and saved in our Heritage Gallery, Nostalgie Canossiane.

To keep our stakeholders updated on school events and activities, and as a form of outreach, we have regularly issued our SACSS Newsletters. When CORRI Connections was launched in 2014, we would never have imagined the changes we would see over the 8 years. Given the numerous changes that have been taking place, we, as a school, have to be clearer than ever about our identity and our vision ahead. In 2020, CORRI Connections was retitled and redesigned as Voci Canossiane*, a digital newsletter. In our quest to deepen our Canossian roots and capture the voices of the new generation of Canossians at SACSS, we hope to draw strength from a proud heritage, inspire love and instill faith and determination through Voci Canossiane.

*We would like to acknowledge and thank Sr Cecily Pavri, who was Principal of SACSS for 16 years and is also an alumna of the school, for providing a befitting title to this newsletter in Italian that signifies the Canossian Voices of our students, staff and stakeholders.